From apple to paper. The CartaMela project by Roto-Cart was born from the idea of ​​helping to solve the delicate environmental problem of the disposal of industrial waste deriving from apple processing. These residues, before processing, have a strong environmental impact and their disposal requires targeted solutions.

Appropriately analyzed and treated, the waste proved to be rich in primary materials such as cellulose and hemicellulose, particularly suitable for the manufacture of paper. Hence the birth of the project for the transformation of apple residues, combined with cellulose, into a refined, ecological and completely biodegradable paper: CartaMela!

CartaMela, a registered trademark of Roto-Cart, is therefore the first paper made with pure cellulose enriched with apple processing residues which, once dried, are used entirely: a formulation that makes it unique on the market.

It is therefore a high quality product with a strong ecological value guaranteed by the use of the natural ingredient apple, which gives the paper a characteristic ivory color and by the FSC® brand which certifies the origin of the cellulose from forests managed in a manner responsible.

It is a natural, soft and resistant toilet paper and, of course, ecological, sustainable and biodegradable. This paper therefore contributes to reducing the environmental impact by reusing a precious raw material and reducing the disposal of industrial organic waste. CartaMela is produced with energy from renewable sources, such as biomass which uses processing waste and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Together with the production of the raw material that looks like natural paper, pleasant to the touch with resistances equal to those of normal papers, the project continued with the graphic study and the creation of the packaging of the various products made with CartaMela: toilet paper, rolls kitchen, napkins and handkerchiefs. The packages are very transparent in order to highlight to the consumer the type of paper different from traditional white papers; but fresh and lively colors also stand out, recalling the naturalness of the product. In addition, the envelope that wraps the product is made of a polyelifine shrink film, a material that guarantees energy savings and the production of less plasatic.

CartaMela demonstrates how it is possible to find alternative solutions in terms of consumption of environmental resources.

Producing and consuming respecting the environment is possible!