Assocarta, the business association of the category that aggregates, represents and protects companies that produce paper in Italy, during the International Day of Forests highlighted how the paper industry is increasingly moving in the direction of the Circular Economy.

A very important goal that aims to create an economy capable of regenerating itself in which, therefore, the activities, starting from extraction and production, are organized in such a way that someone’s waste becomes resources for someone. other. In short, a virtuous cycle!

The paper industry, although it is a minor user of wood (only 13% of the world’s wood is used to produce paper), is the sector that invests most in raw materials from sustainably managed forests. It emerges, in fact, that thanks to this foresight, forests in Europe have grown, in the last 10 years, by 44,000 km2, that is to say about twice the size of Lombardy.

This method contributes to the preservation and regeneration of forests as 75% of the virgin cellulose used to produce paper comes from wood obtained both, as mentioned above, from sustainably managed and certified forests, but also from the thinning of trees necessary to preserve the healthy forests, and from residues generated by further uses of wood.

Paper is a perfect material to represent the circular economy as it is sustainable by its nature, coming, in fact, from a natural and renewable raw material. It allows, in fact, to develop both the biological and technological cycles, being renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

This new type of economy offers support for information, culture, the protection of transported goods and offers personal hygiene. With its multiple applications and its characteristics, it responds to the need for new products that can contribute in a sustainable way to the well-being and development of society.

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